Plant Sales & Liquidations


Longtime non-woven company – currently in full production – is seeking buyer for entire business.
Production capabilities include fireproof non-wovens, lamination, die-cutting for automotive industry.
All production equipment is in excellent condition, installed and fully functional.   Experienced management with three-shift staff are in place.  Prime location.
Qualified candidates for purchase will be interviewed and required to sign an NDA agreement.
Interested parties should contact Shaffer+Max International for more information.

Exclusive Printing Plant Machinery Liquidation Sale

Castle Industries, Inc. 

Greenville, SC 
Contact us for more information and inspection

1 – J. Zimmer Print Range (Mill #1) consisting of: Alaneo Alamatic Ltd. Paper in feed device, heavy duty, 136″ wide, 2 stainless rollers, 1 stainless compensator roller, Johannes Zimmer (Klagenfurt, Austria) Rotary Print Machine, Type TPH-R 94/61, Auft. Nr. 46067.00, Year 1995, set up for paper printing, 132″ wide, (3.4 meters), 16 color capacity, Zimmer Dryer, gas fired, three burners, low profile 40′ long, with 2 cooling rolls at exit, J. Zimmer Heavy Duty paper exit wind up device hydraulic motor and pump.

1 – J. Zimmer Print Range (Mill #2) consisting of: Bastian Heavy Duty Paper/Fabric Let off device, 126″ wide, Kalin lint removal device, 2 Stainless Rollers (heat capacity but not in operation), Johannes Zimmer Print Machine, Model TPH-MW-R90/26, Auft. No. 06204, Year 1991, set up for fabric printing, 12 colors, Zimmer Dryer low profile hump design, gas fired, 5 burners, 45′ long, Fabric cooling stand with 2 cooled stainless rollers, Bastian Fabric/Paper Wind up device, center driven operator control console, hydraulic pump & motor

1 – Stork Print Range (Mill #3) not in operation. Model RD IV, Machine Nr. A4170000, 12 color positions, 72″ wide blanket, color pipes, sets of screen heads various sizes, Dryer low profile, 1 Honeywell gas burner, 20′ long, Fabric exit system with 2 stainless steel cooling rollers

1 – Stork Print Range (Mill #4) consisting of: Entry paper stand, ITC (Made Helmond, Holland), Machine Nr. A 458.11.00, Year 1990, set up for paper, 80″ wide, 12 color, 12 color pumps, ITC Nederlands Dryer, low profile 27′ long, single gas burner, exit stand with 2 cooling rollers, operator walk board, Stork Paper Wind up, center drive, 2 stainless steel cooling guide rollers

1 – J. Zimmer Screen Washer, 2 screen capacity, 160″ long screen length, Model Swb-2ss/37, Aufr. Nr. 46067-06, Year 1995, tilting device

2 – Screen and Color Pipe Washers, for squeegie and pipe washing, 180″ long capacity, stainless steel

1 – Bespoke Pigment Color Dispensing System, with dispensing head, for bucket filling, Computer controls

1 – Bespoke Automatic Dispersed Dye Dispensing System, for filling drum size containers, controls and cabinets

1 – Stainless Steel Color Strainer dispenser, with drum dumping device

1 – Homogenizer Mixer on cable

1 – Stainless Tank 250 gallon, with homogenizer mixer mounted,

2 – Plastic Storage Tanks, open top, 500 gal. each

1 – Inspection Machine for paper, heavy duty, 132″ wide face, center unwind, lighted inspection board, center wind up device, 2 mounted circular slittng blades, operator walk board

1 – Inspection Machine for paper, heavy duty, 140″ wide face, Heavy Duty unwind, overhead threading, 4 mounted circular slitting blades, 2 roll surface wind up, metal doffing table, overhead electric hoist and beam, roll end holders

1 – Water Chilling System, 4 motors and pumps, 2 air holding tanks, 2 water tanks

4 – Screen Inspection stands with light

2 – Zimmer Screen Repair Stands, 150″ long

1 – Screen Repair Stand, 160″ long

1 – Kleverick Transfer Print Machine, 74″ wide blanket, Year 1995, Serial TC 101 2000S

1 – LeMaire Transfer Print Machine, 90″ wide drum, Model Rollng Static HX 174, Year 1990, Serial 7764, Series 06176

7 – Heavy Duty Roll Trucks, low profile with castors

5 – Screen Transport Trucks, for 140″ long screens


1 – Knight Print table, laboratory size

1 – Blue M Lab Ove

1 – Sartorium Scale

Maintenance Department

1 – Mill Made Saw

1 – Metal HD Worktable with 2 vises

1  – Worktable with Delta Drill Press, 8″, Grinder 6″

1 – Equipment & Tool Milling Machine, 220 volts

1 – Arbor Press

1 – Lincoln Welder Ideal Arc 250

1 – Ingersoll-Rand Air compressor, Model SSR-EP75, 75 HP, Year 1992, IR Refrigerator air dryer, vertical steel high pressure air tank

50 – Sections Metal Welded Storage Racks, 12′ wide x 12′ FB x 12″ High

60 – Sections Metal Welded Storage Racks, 12′ wide x 84″ FB x 84″ High

North Carolina, USA
Former knit and woven goods dyeing facility.  All equipment installed on site. 
Inspection by appointment only

1- Thies Rotostream Jet Dye Machine, One-Port, 50.9 Psi @ 284ºF, Heat Exchanger, Filter, 2002, Dedicated Computer Controller

1- Gaston County Futura Jet Dye Machine, 2 Port, Wp 300ºF, 53 Psi, 21′ Extension, 1993

2 – Pozzi Model Es-H-Ac-1900 Centrifugal Extractor, 78”Diameter X 40”Deep, Stainless Rimless Basket And Control Panel, Model Es-H-Ac 1900,  Hydraulic, Motor And Pump For Lid Operation, Motorized Doffing Reel, One 40 Hp (37 Kw), 230/460 Volts, One 60 Hp, Baldor Motor, 230/460 Volts

1 – Gardner Denver “Electra-Saver Ii” 50-Hp Screw Type Air Compressor, Air Cooled, 60,322 Hours, 1990

1 – Cleaver Brooks Packaged Steam Firetube Boiler 700 Hp, Year 1991, Model Cb-200-700, 150 Psi, 29,291,000 Btu/Hr,  Natural Gas / Diesel Fired, W/ Cleaver Brooks Spray Master Deaerator, W/ Culligan Water Softening System